The “licensed Dewey Beach, DE real estate agent” line that appears beneath a local Realtor’s® name may be printed in small type, but it actually signifies large value. Today Dewey Beach, DE’s buyers and sellers can take for granted that their transactions will be executed in a manner that’s both transparent and completely reliable. For those who have ever had to deal with more arcane systems in other countries, the difference can be critical.   

One factor that contributes to the smooth running of today’s system lies in education. Real estate agent training comes in two tiers. Formal classroom education is the first step—the true difference-maker comes later. Since Dewey Beach, DE and Dewey Beach, DE legal regulations guide all real estate transactions, every agent must learn how to apply them in practice—that’s demonstrated by Dewey Beach, DE agents when they pass the state-administered licensing examination.  

The second part is experience—the field knowledge that comes from successfully guiding clients through unique circumstances (and just about every transaction winds up including some of those).  But concluding a successful deal is only the culmination of any number of other daily activities that go into producing the service we provide:

·         Retrieving and reviewing Dewey Beach, DE Multiple Listing Service activity reports.

Dewey Beach, DE real estate agents keep their fingers on the pulse of the market—intelligence that is the basis for their clients’ sound decision-making.

·         Monitoring and responding to online contacts

As messaging and emailing become omnipresent in real estate activity, short response times are increasingly valuable.

·         Scheduling showings

Accommodating both owners and buyers with a minimum of stress takes poise and organizational perseverance.

·         Creating and executing media marketing

The design and execution of eye-catching listings is only the start of media campaigns that lead to successful closings. 

To bring you maximum value and the results you’re looking for, the Dewey Beach, DE real estate agent you choose will be called upon to wear many hats. At the same time, the education part also never ends—ongoing additional training is part of the job of being a top agent.

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Last week ended with such horrendous news in California that it was a blessed relief how in at least one narrow slice of the news—one of interest to Dewey Beach, DE house hunters, among others—there was blessedly very little worrisome to report. Against the grim reality of how November 2018 was beginning in other areas of the news, Dewey Beach, DE house hunters could relax for a moment.

This quiet corner of the public space was in what for house-hunters is an area of key concern—the slice of the financial sector focused on home loan originators and the residential mortgage market. The news from that quarter was, in brief, not much news.

The Tuesday election had held a high likelihood of affecting credit markets, and thus, mortgage interest rates. It’s usually true, and The Mortgage News Daily thought that the quiet on Monday “suggests traders are waiting to see if other traders care about the election results.” As it turned out, at least by Wednesday, they didn’t.

The MND predicted “Probably One More Day of Waiting for any Election Impact,” but it turned out to be a longer wait than that. On Wednesday a Federal Reserve Board Statement was scheduled for release. Days like that are known in the industry as “Fed Days”—they usually move rates. But what resulted, according to Mortgage News, was only “movement…that looked small if viewed by anything less powerful than a microscope.”

And so it went. Dewey Beach, DE mortgage rates remained in historically lower-than-average territory when you take the past 40 years into account. Such good news for Dewey Beach, DE house hunters looked to remain the case for a little while. As the week closed, the Mortgage News lead headline was “Mortgage Rates Steady Ahead of Holiday Weekend.” Especially compared with the rest of the news, it was a no news/good news situation.

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When it comes to Dewey Beach, DE home loans, Ellie Mae has the inside scoop.

“Ellie” is a tech company that provides automation software to a large chunk of the mortgage finance industry, including Dewey Beach, DE lenders. Since more than a third of all U.S. home loans flow through its systems, Ellie Mae gets a first-hand look at what’s going on in residential home sales and financing. Up there from its perch on the electronic balcony, it gets a very accurate picture of the action in real time.

Ellie issued a news release last Wednesday that contained some interesting tidbits that might benefit Dewey Beach, DE homeowners or about-to-be homeowners. These releases are timely glimpses of the tides of U.S. home loan trends and specifics of what’s being required and what costs are being charged. If you’re going to be applying soon, those are attention-getters.

I’ve mined a few of the latest nuggets describing this year’s late summer/early fall activity:

·         For the first time this year, September’s 30-year interest rate “for all loans” decreased (by a tad) to 4.91%.

·         Refinancings remain a low percentage of the loans closed—29%—which is down from 38% a year ago.

·         Adjustables (ARMs) increased as a percentage of loans made, at 7.2% of the market. That’s about half of a percentage point higher than in August (not surprising, since home prices are up).

·         FICO score averages inched up to 727.

·         The amount of time it took to close held steady at 45 days.

It’s a truism that Dewey Beach, DE homes have to be sold twice: once to the buyer, and then to the lender. If you are planning to buy or sell in the foreseeable future, staying aware of how residential financings are trending prevents being blind-sided when that “second sale” is pending. Of course, I keep a more focused eye on Dewey Beach, DE activity—so when you tap me as your agent, you can be sure there won’t be any surprises. Call anytime! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at

A couple of years ago, the National Association of Realtors® sent out a compilation of answers to the most-often posed questions home buyers have for their agents. Dewey Beach, DE home buyers do sometimes come up with these. Here’s the NAR list, its answers—and a few brief observations:

1.      “How much can I afford?” The answer depends on your personal financial details, which are easy to determine—just search for “house affordability calculator.” Avoid the “ad” entries at the top of the screen; most of them make you surrender your personal info before they will display the answer.

2.      “Can I buy a home and sell mine simultaneously?” Yes, there are several ways to do this via offer contingencies. Alternatively, some sellers decide to rent while finding and securing a new home.

3.      “What do you think the seller will accept?” The NAR’s suggestion is “knocking 5% off the list price.” Since every situation is different, I think a more precise recommendation would be to take the seller’s profile and recent market comps into account (and don’t forget your agent’s input)!

4.      “Should I demand a home inspection?” Simply, ‘yes.’ When a property seems for all the world to have been perfectly maintained, it can be tempting to just speed past that inspection “technicality.” But don’t do it: the report your seasoned Dewey Beach, DE inspector produces will be well worth the cost and time invested. You might find yourself reviewing its details for years to come.

5.      “How late in the process can I back out?” If you change your mind without a reason, you’ll probably lose your deposit money. But a well-constructed offer should contain provisions covering the reasonable grounds for abandoning a purchase—usually relating to inspection findings or loan terms.

If I know one thing about serious Dewey Beach, DE homebuyers, it’s that they’ll have a lot more questions before they’ve zeroed in on their new home. Fortunately, I’m here to field all questions as they arise. Call me anytime! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at