Last week’s announcement came as gloomy news for local filmgoers who’d been counting on a field trip to see the new James Bond release (it’s been delayed again, this time, until next year). The news added to the wave of delayed premiers, which have many of the nation’s movie theaters pulling back from their reopening schedules. But the same pandemic-induced move probably came as a welcome shot in the arm for at least one group: companies connected with the home theater business.

In Bethany Beach, DE real estate terms, home theaters have long been desirable features—high-end attractions for homebuyers who prefer privacy over the group experience that big screen cineplexes provide. Notably, in pre-pandemic Southern California, luxury market Realtors® had come to regard lavish home cinemas as a near-requirement in local home amenities.

In April, as COVID-19 shuttered U.S. movie houses, Forbes magazine zeroed in on a new angle for the trend: “Outrageous Home Theaters of the Rich and Famous—The Perfect Pandemic Escape.” They were portrayed as the ideal entertainment solution “for families looking for spaces where they can spend time together.” But maybe not for every family—the article’s photos centered on properties listed for over $10 million.

Yet even outside that elevated strata, the same trend is making inroads, though in a modified form. In Bethany Beach, DE, home theaters have the option of morphing into increasingly popular multipurpose entertainment areas—home theaters that facilitate other kinds of recreation. Per Forbes, families who don’t want to allocate “a large chunk” of their homes to movie viewing alone are welcoming designs that also accommodate “playing video games, listening to music, practicing, yoga, you name it…” Lately, Bethany Beach, DE residents might add zoom room and homeschool learning space to the Forbes list. If one designer’s report about what is “increasingly common” proves correct, more Bethany Beach, DE home theater areas are likely to forego yesterday’s permanent stadium seating in order to accommodate open floor space for all the other possible uses.

There’s no doubt that this year, people are spending more time closer to home—a fact that is changing some of the features that are high on “must-have” priority lists. When it comes to buying and selling Bethany Beach, DE homes, call me for the latest intelligence from the field! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at

“This is so very wrong,” wrote leading personal finance adviser Suze Orman last week. She was blogging about what she considers a major error being made by homeowners currently arranging mortgage refinances.

Her point should be of more than passing interest to local homeowners contemplating their own Bethany Beach, DE refinances. With Freddie Mac’s Chief Economist confirming that “rates remain near record lows,” it reemphasizes how Bethany Beach, DE refinance rates are creating bargains many local homeowners are finding hard to resist. chimed in last week, noting how 30-year fixed-rate mortgages “are more than an entire percentage point below where they were last year at this time.” It was also how mortgage data firm Black Knight could calculate that 16.3 million U.S. mortgage holders could “save nearly $3,400 per year by refinancing at today’s rates.”  

So, what prompted Ms. Orman to send up the red flag—the “huge mistake” that most mortgage refinancers make?

Her point was aimed at the natural inclination to replace a higher-interest 30-year mortgage with another 30-year loan at the lower rate—a simple choice that can inadvertently result in much higher interest costs. Bethany Beach, DE homeowners who refinance after a few years of paying down their original mortgage wind up extending the payments by an equal number years if they sign up for another 30-year term. The monthly payments will reflect notable savings in the monthly cash flow—but the seemingly economical move will ring up a higher total interest paid. According to Orman, by the time the mortgage is paid in full, that total can be “much higher.”

  Her rule of thumb is to adjust the term of the refi to “never extend your total payback period past 30 years.” The monthly payment will be higher—but will still reflect the savings realized by today’s low rates. Another plus: shorter-term loans carry lower rates.

Buying and selling Bethany Beach, DE homes are propositions whose long-term consequences are not always self-evident. In addition to facilitating the details, I’m here to address many of the other concerns that accompany Bethany Beach, DE real estate transactions. Call me anytime! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at

Most people are aware of the record-setting lows Bethany Beach, DE mortgage rates are chalking up right now—the kind of rates that create tempting cashflow projections for even the most conservative would-be investors. But, of course, other factors enter the decision, whether they are planning their real estate investment for their own residence or as a rental. Given the uncertainty in the economy, prospective buyers are asking themselves if now is the right time to be investing in Bethany Beach, DE., the popular investment site, just tackled that question. Its reasoned response: the answer is yes and no (but mostly, yes). “It’s hard to see such low rates and not reach for your checkbook,” was its understandable response. But even so, some time-honored qualifications remain.

The first proviso has to do with how long the investor plans to hold the property. If the answer is anything short of 5 years, transaction costs take a considerable bite out of the financial benefit—even considering the unusually attractive interest rates. For that reason, younger prospective homeowners in particular should consider if the property will accommodate a growing family. It may make sense to consider a larger property than is currently needed—particularly if these rarely-seen mortgage rates make it budgetarily sensible.

For others who are considering an investment in Bethany Beach, DE as a landlord, the same considerations apply. On the other hand, for others who may be planning a “quick flip,” the unknowns in the economy could make that investment one that requires a heightened degree of caution. In most instances, though, if you are planning on holding the asset, if the cash flow projections make sense, the ‘yesses’ outweigh the ‘nos.’

With mortgage rates as attractive as those seen now, investing in Bethany Beach, DE is an undeniably tempting proposition. Of course, the first step is the one that underlies all: identifying the right property. Call me today to discuss what is out there right now! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at

If you are thinking about putting up your Bethany Beach, DE home for sale, you can expect that a goodly number of the buyers who will be considering your property will be female. And increasingly, the decision-makers may be Millennials—part of the group reaching adulthood in the early 21st century. Distinguishing how buyer traits and preferences differ is important for understanding what features are likely to appeal to different groups.

For instance, the propensity for Millennials to use social media is a trait that can impact how they evaluate the Bethany Beach, DE homes for sale that fit their search criteria. A recent research project by Better Homes & Gardens analyzed the differences between generations of women buyers “from Millennials to Boomers.” They found that more Millennials viewed homeownership as a sign of success than do other generations—so it’s not surprising that they favor a new home that is “attractive enough for social media.” Almost half of recent home-buying Millennials have posted or plan to post photos of their new home (versus 36% of GenXers and only 20% of Boomers). In other words, if you are keen on attracting a Millennial crowd, bear that in mind when preparing for the photographs that appear in your Bethany Beach, DE listing. For this group, there is a good chance that more glamor will equal more buyers.

Some things seem to never change, though, regardless of group. Even in the Better Homes study, which was specifically designed to reveal the differences in generational preferences, one “dream home” feature topped the chart across all groups. For Millennials, GenXers, and Boomers alike, Number One remains “a state-of-the-art kitchen”—followed by Number Two: “an outdoor pool.”

Differences appear in the third-place choices. Millennials look for “his-and-hers bathrooms.” GenXers went for “a media room.” Boomers preferred “a three-car garage.”

Another finding is one I was delighted to see. Better Homes & Gardens discovered that 86% of buyers had worked with a real estate agent—a pretty strong endorsement on its own. Even stronger: 97% said they would use an agent “next time”—apparently, experience is persuasive for all the groups. Whether you will be putting your own Bethany Beach, DE home up for sale or looking to buy, I hope you’ll consider me as your agent. Do give me a call!  Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at