Bethany Beach, DE entrepreneurs are familiar with FastCompany, the long-standing periodical of record promoting business creativity. It sponsors things like its Innovation Festival, presents Innovation by Design Awards, World-Changing Ideas Awards, etc. Fast Company is a hotbed of creativity for all sorts of endeavors—for instance, this week, it highlighted the “Top 10 Halloween costumes for pets in 2019” (the not altogether innovative winner: “Pumpkin”).

Furthering the same holiday motif, it also ran an article that touches closer to the interests of Bethany Beach, DE real estate followers—more or less along the lines of how sophisticated buyers order professional inspections of Bethany Beach, DE properties before committing to the sale. “More or less,” because the specific inspection will be available only in three cities (Charlotte, Dallas, and Tampa).

This “useful new tool” being added onto the traditional 160-point inspection punch list is a complete Paranormal Inspection Report. Included are the services of an experienced paranormal investigator, who will check the property for ghosts. For potential buyers who might not otherwise have demanded this other-worldly due diligence, it could be the proverbial “stitch in time/that saves nine.”

The service is being offered exclusively by the Bungalo real estate platform. For Bethany Beach, DE readers who might suspect that firm of being motivated more by publicity than by providing a valuable real estate service, Fast Company urges repeated viewings of Poltergeist or The Changeling. Lest future buyers in those cities expect the innovation to be available in the future, it’s only being offered this month (as midnight strikes on Halloween, it will dematerialize).

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One often-repeated lament you hear from Bethany Beach, DE house sellers is this one: “I wish we’d done the [major remodeling project] long ago so we could have enjoyed it!” It’s probably such a commonplace because we all gradually get used to working around problematic aspects of our Bethany Beach, DE houses. Some problems develop so slowly we aren’t even aware they exist.

This changes when we start preparing to sell, whereupon we have to accept the reality that potential buyers won’t be so tolerant. There’s a price to pay when a prospective buyer’s takeaway is “Nice house, except for the [unaddressed problem].” At a minimum, they’re likely to discount any offer accordingly.

The common tendency to put off the less-than-urgent home improvements just got some scientific provenance. In the recent National Association of Realtors® major research survey dealing with a wide range of remodeling topics, one finding amidst all the value-vs-expenditure figures dealt with the emotional dimension of home improvement.

The NAR’s 2019 Remodeling Impact Report leads off with statistics about renovating the owner’s master suite—and finds that 65% of homeowners “have a greater desire to be home” after completion. The same percentage report an increased “sense of enjoyment” when they’re at home. Nearly 70% experience an additional benefit: they “feel a major sense of accomplishment” when they just think about the project.

The Report is chock full of similar—and even more persuasive—statistics like that one. Kitchen upgrades, for instance, are nearly 20% more satisfying…and “complete kitchen renovations” are nearly off the charts!

The researchers were simply ratifying that all-too-common refrain heard from Bethany Beach, DE house sellers after the fact. While struggling to wash a too-large pot in a too-small sink or eyeing the overly-well-worn living room flooring, some Bethany Beach, DE homeowners might consider the NAR findings. Especially if selling the Bethany Beach, DE house is eventually in prospect, this fall might be time to act (later, it will be time to give me a call)! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at

The government thinks that Americans are sorely lacking when it comes to key homebuying information. It’s hard to say whether that’s true of the Bethany Beach, DE homebuying population—but Fannie Mae’s latest study explains some good reasons why it might be.

In Fannie’s recently issued publication, 3,600 respondents were ‘largely unsure’ or just plain wrong about current homebuying realities. This, despite the significance of homebuying as the most important purchase most people make. The overriding factor creating this illogical situation is the fact that it’s also a purchase seldom made. Homebuying is such an infrequent transaction most people don’t focus on data when it’s available.

Another contributing factor is “a fundamental lack of financial literacy across the country.”

The majority of those quizzed hadn’t a clue about credit score requirements. Even fewer were aware of debt-to-income ratio guidelines. Fewer than one in four were aware that low down payment programs exist at all (with almost none of them aware that the actual minimum down payment percentage is 3%).

 One bright spot was the fact that a powerful majority (91%) of the Americans questioned favor homeownership over renting. As any Bethany Beach, DE schoolteacher will tell you, motivation is essential to learning. If 9 out of 10 of the 3,600 respondents who are in the dark about homebuying basics really do understand the personal benefits of homeownership, the motivation is already there.

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 Whenever the U.S. economy is booming, there are naysayers who view it as terrible news. It’s not surprising since economists can disagree about just about anything and point to statistics that prove their point.

A recent CNBC report provides a golden example. It’s one that, if you’re inclined to think it’s time to sell your Bethany Beach, DE house anyway, would reinforce that thought. It ran under the gloomy headline “Housing is providing another in a line of troubling signs”—the signs were those “pointing to an economic downturn.”

The report elaborated on a finding that compared home sales statistics from a recent period with those that preceded coming recessions. To the analyst author (Fed economist William Emmons), the result indicated that an economic downturn is likely. Although the trend looked “much less severe” than the one that preceded the Great Recession, he thinks December of this year is a plausible month for “peak growth.”

In other words, starting in 2020, look out!

For anyone who believes Professor Emmons, it means that, for Bethany Beach, DE homeowners who are going to sell anytime in the near term, now would be a logical time to put their homes up for sale. That is, before the economy weakens—usually, a trigger for buyer’s market conditions to prevail.

Whether this (or any other) economic prognostication is to be taken seriously is anybody’s guess. But it IS true that if your own plans include selling anyway, the current optimistic mood provides ripe conditions for selling your Bethany Beach, DE house. Giving me a call to discuss is a great way to start!  Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at