Dave Ramsey is a standout among media finance coaches. It’s hard to disagree with his brand of commonsensical counsel that eschews shortcuts and paths to riches that depend on newly concocted strategies. Bethany Beach, DE readers and listeners who rely on his consistently risk-averse advice learn to avoid high-interest debt while building a solid financial base—a footing typically anchored by the equity most families build through their greatest investment, their home.

As the old year came to a close, Ramsey’s web site laid down five trends that are likely to emerge in the coming year. Bethany Beach, DE homeowners who have been tracking the national real estate crosscurrents would not have been surprised by any of the five—but would likely be reassured by the continuity they exhibit:

1.      In the coming year, inventories of homes for sale will continue to be thin. As a result, buyers may need to be more flexible than usual in the features and locations they can insist upon—while sellers may find themselves increasingly in the driver’s seat.

2.      Prices should continue to rise, which would make the conservative ‘Ramsey Rule’ (house payments should not exceed 25% of take-home pay) difficult to follow, were it not for—

3.      The continuation of ‘nice and low’ mortgage interest rates, which markedly moderates the effect of the first two trends.

4.      Online and virtual services will continue to expand what you can accomplish via mouse-clicks rather than actual, in-person activity. Ramsey does have a warning for sellers about the advisability of resorting to cut-rate virtual services: “Your home is your biggest asset, and you get what you pay for!”

5.      Likewise, increasingly popular “Risky Buying Options” (like down payment loans or overly expensive rent-to-own offers) rate his one-word review: “beware.”

The Ramsey vision for 2021 is also in line with a projection voiced by government-sponsored Freddie Mac—continuing price rises make a real estate market crash unlikely. Both foresee that sellers in previously less-popular neighborhoods can expect an uptick in buyer interest.

 When future trends are continuations of those already in evidence, it’s not particularly earthshaking. More beneficial is the final Ramsey note on how to take control of the trends: “Partner with a top-notch professional real estate agent.

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With Thanksgiving Day gatherings behind us, this year’s Bethany Beach, DE holiday shopping action re-focused on the Black Friday sales phenomenon. Early reports were encouraging—but confirmed what Bethany Beach, DE businesspeople expected: a substantial tilt to home-based shopping.

CNBC’s initial late-night observation was that bargain hunters were ringing up record online sales. This was a result that had been foreseen by retailers, who had prepared for the reluctance consumers might show to in-person shopping.  

 Even so, the National Retail Federation had projected that this year’s holiday sales would grow by somewhere between 3.6%-5.2%. If that proves accurate, sales will exceed averages reached during the previous five holiday seasons—a shot of good economic news for this seesawing (some would say, ‘whipsawing’) year.

At least as significant for Bethany Beach, DE businesses was Black Friday’s weekend successor—Small Business Saturday—which USA Today called “crucial” for myriads of local U.S. establishments. Many local Bethany Beach, DE businesspeople would probably agree, having spent most of 2020 battling spikes in COVID-19 and the strictures aimed at curbing its spread. For the many Bethany Beach, DE small businesses who succeeded in improving their online sales functionality, this week’s Cyber Monday looked to possibly match the national projections, which were widely expected to set sales records of their own.

Much of the media’s coverage urging patronage of local businesses emphasized the altruistic nature of “shopping local”—but from a local homeowner’s perspective, doing so is equally self-serving. Real estate’s “location, location, location” exhortation includes the attractiveness of the community—which is instantly recognizable by visitors in the energy and vitality on display through its local commercial outlets. That activity attracts further investment—or not. And the whole package winds up being reflected in property values—not just in its commercial sector, but in the residential community surrounding it. Area homeowners who make a point of patronizing our own Bethany Beach, DE merchants don’t just keep their neighbors and neighborhoods humming—they assure that local properties will see their values continue to advance in the years ahead.

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Bethany Beach, DE residents who dutifully set their clocks back an hour last Saturday night may have been grateful for the extra hour of shuteye—but if they've been reading what shrinks and biologists are telling the Wall Street Journal, they probably spent the extra hour tossing and turning. The Journal's "Why the Time Change Is Trickier When Working from Home" provided a new reason to append some additional anxiety to the workweek ahead.

It's long been known that winter's shortened daylight hours cause a mood shift in some people—with the 'fall backward' clock adjustment exacerbating the effect. One Danish study found that depression increased by 8% following the time change (and that was before the pandemic).

For Bethany Beach, DE homeworkers who've spent recent months learning to adjust their lifestyles to an officeless COVID-19 environment, the clock switch could trigger a "more intense" physiological setback than usual. The amount of light people get is only one of several factors affecting mood—but given the already disruptive pandemic atmosphere, the amount of light can become more important: "…kind of dominating the mood input," according to one doctor at UC San Diego's psychiatry department.

This year's clock tinkering might be especially disruptive because of the absence of the stimulation that accompanies colleagues and commuting—"whether stuck in rush-hour jams or not"—that counteracts the decrease in afternoon daylight. (For Bethany Beach, DE drivers, the news that there is any positive value to morning traffic jams remains a separate matter).

On the bright side, experts offer a solution: maximize exposure to the early morning light. According to one psychiatrist, it's worth the effort, boosting alertness and helping to "synchronize circadian rhythms"—effects lost for those working from home who fail to get out.

From my vantage point, if the doctors are correct that increased stimulation really does elevate wintertime moods, embarking on a new Bethany Beach, DE real estate initiative will certainly provide a healthy amount of that! Feel free to call me to discuss your own objectives and how I can help you meet them! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at www.beachrealestatemarket.com

Last week’s announcement came as gloomy news for local filmgoers who’d been counting on a field trip to see the new James Bond release (it’s been delayed again, this time, until next year). The news added to the wave of delayed premiers, which have many of the nation’s movie theaters pulling back from their reopening schedules. But the same pandemic-induced move probably came as a welcome shot in the arm for at least one group: companies connected with the home theater business.

In Bethany Beach, DE real estate terms, home theaters have long been desirable features—high-end attractions for homebuyers who prefer privacy over the group experience that big screen cineplexes provide. Notably, in pre-pandemic Southern California, luxury market Realtors® had come to regard lavish home cinemas as a near-requirement in local home amenities.

In April, as COVID-19 shuttered U.S. movie houses, Forbes magazine zeroed in on a new angle for the trend: “Outrageous Home Theaters of the Rich and Famous—The Perfect Pandemic Escape.” They were portrayed as the ideal entertainment solution “for families looking for spaces where they can spend time together.” But maybe not for every family—the article’s photos centered on properties listed for over $10 million.

Yet even outside that elevated strata, the same trend is making inroads, though in a modified form. In Bethany Beach, DE, home theaters have the option of morphing into increasingly popular multipurpose entertainment areas—home theaters that facilitate other kinds of recreation. Per Forbes, families who don’t want to allocate “a large chunk” of their homes to movie viewing alone are welcoming designs that also accommodate “playing video games, listening to music, practicing, yoga, you name it…” Lately, Bethany Beach, DE residents might add zoom room and homeschool learning space to the Forbes list. If one designer’s report about what is “increasingly common” proves correct, more Bethany Beach, DE home theater areas are likely to forego yesterday’s permanent stadium seating in order to accommodate open floor space for all the other possible uses.

There’s no doubt that this year, people are spending more time closer to home—a fact that is changing some of the features that are high on “must-have” priority lists. When it comes to buying and selling Bethany Beach, DE homes, call me for the latest intelligence from the field! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at www.beachrealestatemarket.com