It has been largely unchallenged since its debut in 2014: the list of nine elements that make up the “perfect” house. Originally formulated for a Houselogic feature by builder John Riha, the nine features that comprise an “ideal” house make a more meaningful list than most similar compilations. It can serve a thought-provoking checklist for house hunters weighing today’s Fenwick Island, DE offerings—if for no other reason than deciding which listed items are personal priorities. The nine (with a few of my parenthetical asides):

1.      Single level (unless there is a  killer view from a higher floor)

2.      Nine-Foot Ceilings (except in grand rooms)

3.      Southern Exposure

4.      Outdoor Living Spaces

5.      Maximized Insulation

6.      Separate Master Bedroom (understood to mean“suite”)

7.      Low-Maintenance Siding (for practicality, certainly—but aesthetically, maybe not)

8.      Great Storage (absolutely!)

9.      Ergonomic Touches.

Author Riha cheated, though, by adding as a postscript an unnumbered 10th feature. It’s one that I agree with (and I bet most Fenwick Island, DE house hunters will, too). The extra element for the perfect Fenwick Island, DE house is an “intangible dimension—defined as the quirks that provide individuality and personality. They serve to “keep a house from being cookie-cutter.”  

Listing your house with my team is a sound first step in a search for another ideal: the perfect Fenwick Island, DE house buyer. There is only one entry on the “perfect” list describing that person: it’s a house hunter who’s been looking for a home just like the one in your listing. Call me when you feel the time is right to get your place on the market! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at