The unsettling events of the first half of 2020 have prompted some Milton, DE residents to adopt a wait-and-see attitude—especially major decisions concerning Milton, DE real estate. For most of the spring, it had looked as if June would be the month when more clarity would surface, starting with how soon Covid-19 restrictions would be relaxed. To some extent, that’s been the case—but many other momentous headline-grabbing events have intervened. Clarity about the future has been limited. Even so, throughout 2020’s roller-coaster ride, one key element of Milton, DE’s real estate component has remained steadfast and encouraging: mortgage interest rates.   

Last week, CNBC headlined, “Mortgage demand from homebuyers amazes again.” The “amazement” stemmed not just from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s report that the volume of buyer applications for home loans had risen 5% in the week: a full 13% above the same week in 2019.  It was a volume upsurge that came in the face of rising mortgage interest rates. Albeit minor, any rise is normally something that depresses application numbers.

Explanations were forthcoming—much of it devoted to the pandemic phenomenon and speculation that renters were reevaluating the importance to their families of owning their permanent home base. Surveys also showed that Americans (undoubtedly Milton, DE residents among them) had been saving more and spending less—savings build confidence, and confidence inspires homebuying. Consumer behavior seemed to be undergoing considerable change, favoring essentials over non-essentials—and “shelter” definitely belongs in the former category.

Even so, by Wednesday of last week, Mortgage News Daily left the speculation out of its lead headline, simply allowing its readers to draw their own connections: “Quarantines Lift, Mortgage Volume Explodes.” Following the Federal Reserve announcement on Wednesday afternoon, the previous interest rate increase also reversed with a vengeance. In fact, by noon on Friday, MND’s Facebook Daily Update could headline: “Mortgage Rates Below 3% For 1st Time Ever.” They did add “(But Not for Everyone).”

As summer begins, if you are considering buying or selling your own home, Milton, DE mortgage interest rates are, in MND’s phrase, “right in line with the all-time lows.” To take advantage of the moment, I hope you’ll call! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at

A key real estate insight was on display in one recent sponsored post that appeared in the Inman real estate trade newspaper. The theme was about eternal industry truths—rules that apply to businesses big and small.

One of the rules is widely understood by any enterprise that deals with consumers: it’s that “people-based” marketing is what works. The idea is to appreciate the emotional—as well as the rational—underpinnings of what people bring to how they lead their daily lives. In real estate, that translates into choosing to emphasize the experience made possible by a home’s features— rather than just naming the features themselves. Instead of simply listing the Jenn-Air this or Sub-Zero that, it’s more effective to first describe how a kitchen provides an ideal setting for gourmet cooks to create their show-stoppers—then detail the high-end appliances that make it so.

That’s a worthy insight, as was another that was also thought-provoking. It dealt with the primacy of “place” in real estate: the “Milton, DE” in “Milton, DE real estate.” It may be true that for many prospective buyers, the community has already been determined—in which case, competitive listings will have that in common.

But that needn’t diminish the power of describing how choosing this home will bestow all the advantages of living in Milton, DE—especially when the offering is in a community that has as much going for it as Milton, DE does. Potential buyers will be pleased to learn of their new home’s proximity to Milton, DE community features—the popular restaurants, parks, events, and other appealing attractions that may have drawn them here in the first place. Every Milton, DE property has its own distinguishing features, and each also has a place in the greater story of our Milton, DE community—one every future resident is certain to find fascinating.

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When most people set about finding their next home, their attention is occupied by how well the listed properties fulfill the family’s immediate housing needs. These include not only the state of the physical structure, but everything else—including well-nigh unclassifiable elements like style and taste and just how the place feels.

But there is at least an arguable school of thought that all of those elements can wait. This opinion has it that the house itself is the cart, and putting it “before the horse” is sometimes a mistake. In their view, this particular “horse” is the Milton, DE neighborhood in which the house is located. Regardless of just where the neighborhood should fit into the overall picture, some elements do belong high on the list:

SECURITY. Web listing crime rate statistics tell a story about safety. They can be unexpected based on proximity to high traffic areas, commercial developments, or public facilities. You might compare the statistics with those for your current neighborhood to get a better idea of what they represent.  

FINANCIAL. Daily expenses in different parts of Milton, DE may be greatly affected by such things as proximity to reasonably-priced grocery stores, simple highway access, etc. A ten-minute driving difference that seems insignificant when house-hunting can add considerably to transportation expenses over the years. 

COL. Similarly, easy neighborhood access to Cost of Living markers like healthcare providers and utility services can make a practical difference in keeping monthly budget numbers down. Recreation can be expensive or free, depending on nearby public facilities.

THE OTHER STUFF. A bustling Milton, DE neighborhood may be right for you, or a quieter, more secluded one—aspects that can vary from one street to the next. If seclusion and privacy appeal to you, opting for the perfect house on a busy street corner could well be a wrong call!

I’m here to help define the factors that point us in the right direction for finding the right Milton, DE house at the right price—ideally, in the perfect neighborhood for your family. Call me! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at

It might seem that some actions are perfectly obvious—and that among them are the many things you shouldn’t do immediately before moving to a new Milton, DE home. Yet, as moving day approaches, the multiplicity of tasks that are left to be done have a way of filling up the brain space usually reserved for sound decision-making.

A good example has to do with the living room furniture. It’s definitely one thing you should NOT do before moving:   

1)      Forget to measure the living room.

Making the assumption that all of your present furniture will fit nicely in the new living room is fraught with peril. The movers will want to know where to put the second couch you’ve just paid to have moved.

Ten other leading not-to-dos before moving:     

2)      Buy a puppy (especially a big, energetic one).

3)      Put off notifying your old utilities/new utilities. (Unpacking by flashlight is ill-advised).

4)      Not bringing the flashlight.

5)      Wait until the last minute to notify the post office of your change of mailing address.

6)      Not labeling the cartons (all of them).

7)      Not bringing a marking pen to mark any unlabeled cartons after you’ve had to open them to see what’s inside.

8)      If you’re taking the refrigerator, defrosting it in advance.

9)      Neglecting to assemble a box of items you’ll need in the first 24 hours in your new home.

10)  Not keeping a close watch on valuables (jewelry, electronics, documents, and cash).

11)  Forgetting to take photos of the old place memorializing that it’s “broom clean.”

Moving to a new Milton, DE home is sure to be an adventure—but whether it’s one you’ll look back upon fondly is largely a function of preparedness. No matter which it turns out to be, I’ll be here awaiting your call re. your next Milton, DE real estate adventure! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at