The Covid-19 pandemic may have thrown a monkey wrench into many a local resident’s summer plans—but none more thoroughly than those who had been waiting to put their North Bethany, DE homes up for sale. It’s a common strategy to hold off listing until real estate’s ‘Busy Season’—the time of year when more homes are put on the market, attracting hordes of prospective buyers.

That’s what happens in a normal year—but you know what came instead. This year, beginning in March, real estate’s high Season was thoroughly disrupted by restrictions on showings—not to mention the psychological effect of the accompanying forced recession. With everything thrown into such chaos, many homeowners decided it was no time to risk putting their own North Bethany, DE homes for sale. You might think that 2020 would forever be known as The Year With No High Season.

But it looks like this topsy-turvy year is dishing up another surprise. As real estate’s insider news source spelled out last week, the pandemic appears to have “pushed the bulk of home-buying this year into the summer months.” Real estate agents “are busier than ever.”

The lead story’s headline proposed “August is the new May” where residential sales are concerned—making it likely “to keep agents busy into the fall.” It quoted the National Association of Realtors® reports that contract signings have kicked off “strong” this month—with properties selling within 26 days in the four weeks leading up to August 2.

For local homeowners now beginning to feel less disoriented by the adjustments everyone has had to make, there is now ample evidence that worries about missing the traditional busy Season are misplaced. “The season” has just skipped a few months. It seems to just be getting started—and with many parts of the nation reporting low inventories sparking an upsurge in asking prices (and growing numbers of bidding wars), this could be one for the record books.

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In case you’ve been thinking of selling your home but aren’t keen on letting strangers into the house at this moment in time, that problem has a two-word solution (although, in fact, those strangers probably don’t want to come into your house, either). 

The two words are “virtual tour.”

While North Bethany, DE virtual tours have long been prominent in the toolboxes of North Bethany, DE sellers and their agents, never before have they been so perfectly suited to the needs of the moment. The major listing syndication sites for both rentals and sales now feature warnings that in-person tours may be “unavailable”—right next to inviting “virtual tour” links.

At the same time, the technology has evolved to a point where a virtual tour in North Bethany, DE does not need to be professionally shot or edited. Even though a few post-production touches can be beneficial, some virtual tours can be created by a homeowner simply walking through the home using their smartphone’s built-in high-def video ability. 

For homeowners seeking to add a virtual tour themselves, video pros cite a few basic tips:

·   Hold the camera horizontally, like a movie—not vertical, like a selfie (most people tend to do that). The human eye responds better to the wide format—and the resulting images convey a less cramped feel.

·   Do you have open corners, uncluttered storage spaces, or other potential office areas? As today’s workforce evolves, many buyers are now conscious of the need for a space appropriate for “Zoom room” teleconferencing. Be prepared to clear and highlight any such potentially useful niches.

·   As always, fresh, trend-conscious paint choices and rigorous de-cluttering are two of the easiest and most effective improvements any homeowner can make. They will also go far to contribute to a knockout video tour!  

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Most North Bethany, DE homeowners who prepare to put their homes on the market come to the same decision—to tap into the services of one of North Bethany, DE’s Realtors®. They decide they’ll have enough to do without tackling the piles of paperwork generated in the course of a sale—nor do they have any desire to familiarize themselves with the changing regulations that govern North Bethany, DE real estate transactions. Experienced North Bethany, DE Realtors have mastered the art of guiding their sellers through that maze with a minimum of hassle. When all the details have to be faultlessly addressed within the required timeframe, it becomes clear that this is no Do-It-Yourself kind of project.

Approximately nine out of ten sellers come to that same conclusion—but for other reasons as well. Early on, when the issue of formulating a correct asking price first arises, North Bethany, DE Realtors are able to compile in-depth research into how comparable properties are faring in today’s market. Later, after the agent’s marketing power has brought in the qualified buyers whose offers require quick analysis and response, a professional’s touch becomes vital in achieving the best outcome. Most of those nine out of ten sellers foresee the business wisdom of having a skilled intermediator handle these sensitive negotiations.

So it’s clear why sellers call on North Bethany, DE Realtors to help them sell—but why do so many buyers make the same choice? Many don’t actually start out with that in mind, because (after all) today’s sophisticated web user can find area homes for sale online. They may even be willing to make an offer on their own. Soooo…why?

The answer is simple: for home buyers, it’s a rare instance of a best-case scenario. Since their agent’s fee is paid from the seller’s proceeds, buyers get the benefit of a professional’s help and guidance for literally nothing! There may be no such thing as a free lunch—except when it comes to professional services for home buyers.

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 The lowering of Delaware mortgage rates is providing an undeniable stimulus for area buyers—so any change in how lenders look at credit scores is automatically of interest. In that sense, this should come as interesting news: FICO is about to introduce two new scoring models!  

But actually, it’s likely to produce barely noticeable ripples. Among other reasons, the gradual introduction of the new FICO Score 10 and Score 10T won’t happen until this summer—and most lenders will wait a while before adopting them (if they use them at all). The difficulty confronting consumers seeking to track relevant details in the credit rating universe is well known. For instance, FICO 8 is still the most commonly used, even though its successor—FICO 9— debuted six years ago. Further complicating the picture is how the three credit bureaus use specialized FICO versions (a different story entirely!).

Basically, FICO scoring has to do with how different factors are weighted in formulating any given “score”—the number meant to predict the risk a lender would take when funding a loan. Each new model attempts to further refine the available data. Such improvements become possible as more information is made available—and in today’s Delaware, the all-encompassing electronic nature of our day-to-day dealings creates more and more data.

Among other factors, the new FICO 10 will give more weight to personal loans. It will penalize borrowers who take out loans to consolidate debt if they then continue to rack up more debt. FICO 10T will tabulate “trended” data, taking the last 24 months of data to plot the “trajectory” it reveals. Delaware consumers who have been paying off debts will score higher than those who rack up more during the same period.

As a practical matter, common sense is any Delaware mortgage applicant’s best guide. That, and keeping a watchful eye on the reports that each of the credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian) issue monthly. You can get information on how to obtain free reports from the Federal Trade Commission here. For a less mysterious look at a more straightforward topic, I’m happy to provide insights into the latest Delaware real estate doings. Call me anytime! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at