Last Tuesday night, as rickety Father Time welcomed in the infant New Year, an old saying was resurrected (as it is most years): “Everything old is new again.” It’s usually heard in relation to the temporary nature of fashions—like the width of neckties or the lengths of skirts. That has little to do with buying and selling South Bethany, DE homes, other than reaffirming the value of deep walk-in closets. If they’re roomy enough, temporarily out-of-style finery can await their next at-bat.

The nature of buying and selling South Bethany, DE homes differs from clothing purchases so greatly that it seems outlandish to think you can draw any useful conclusions by comparing the two. The size of a homebuying transaction and the complexity of the procedures that must be followed certainly point in that direction. Even so, in the broader context, there is more than a kernel of wisdom in the old saying. The national experience from the past two decades bears this out.

In the Year 2000 and for the first years following, the housing market showed all the signs of normalcy: where home values grew, the rise was slow and steady. But then, for a number of reasons only mildly related to the intrinsic value of homes, there developed a virtual stampede to “buy in” to avoid missing out on the widespread boom in U.S. housing values. Lax home loan oversight was a major culprit. Then came the puncture of the bubble—and an equally overdone plummet in market values. By the beginning of the second decade, market forces finally stabilized, allowing a bounce back, then today’s resumption of slow and steady value growth.

This is not to suggest that we will soon see another bubble, stampede, and the like—on the contrary, it will almost certainly be a long time before living memory has faded enough to allow a replay of that irrational sequence. But the current stable environment we consider normal does have a familiar ring: everything old is new again. It’s a saying that’s good to keep in mind.

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 If you own (or intend to own) your own South Bethany, DE house, some portion of your brain is probably attuned to late-breaking housing news. This may ring true for you—particularly if you have ever found yourself suddenly paying attention after hearing a newscaster utter the words “crisis,” “surge,” “slump,” or “rebound” combined with “housing” or “single-family.” If you found yourself hitting the remote’s rewind button to go back and see what the story was, you’re one of South Bethany, DE’s homeowners who shares this subconscious alert system.

South Bethany, DE real estate professionals have a more active line into real estate scuttlebutt. One of our monitored sources is the NAHB—the National Association of Home Builders. In recent years, the news out of their DC headquarters has been pretty dour—evidence that they are more than just industry cheerleaders. They’ve been reporting numbers that reinforce the message that the pace of home building has been well short of what’s needed.

One of the side effects was to depress activity in the market in general. But that began to turn around this past spring—and last week, the NAHB announced that a housing construction rebound continues. Some of the newly optimistic phrases to grab the attention of South Bethany, DE real estate watchers: “…expect ongoing improvements in housing demand and growth in new construction;” “single-family construction edged up 0.3% in September;” “residential building prices…up just 1.7% thus far in 2019….”Other NAHB pieces sported headlines like “Single-Family Starts Edge Up in September” and “Builder Confidence Hits 20-Month High.”

The small print did point out that the 50-year low in unemployment has created a tight labor market, which somewhat hampers building activity. But South Bethany, DE homeowners’ subconscious antennae probably don’t perk up at labor market minutiae. When builder confidence and single-family starts are noticeably on the upswing, the good news registers. For more local South Bethany, DE real estate updates, give me a call—anytime! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at

The word “estate” is one of those words that can carry a boatload of different meanings. As part of the “South Bethany, DE real estate” caption, it’s one of the positive ones. “Real estate” means physical property that’s anything but imaginary. In fact, the U.S. Constitution initially restricted voting rights to owners of real estate!

As a stand-alone, “estate” can summon up images of large houses surrounded by extensive areas of land. Visions of the nineteenth-century land barons come to mind. Aristocrats riding to the hounds across lush countryside might be evoked. In this sense, the word triggers associations with success, riches, power, and abundance.

But another association is with the end of life—it denotes all the money and property owned by a person when they pass away. This is the less cheerful meaning, although it, too, evokes valuable things—possessions that have value (sometimes great value).

The reason this deep dive into the word is relevant to South Bethany, DE readers is because of the way it is sometimes used in South Bethany, DE listings: “estate condition.” This does not mean that the Rockefellers have decided to put one of their spare mansions on the market. It means “fixer-upper.”

You might think that this is an example of bait-and-switch deception, but that’s really not the case. Realistically, no house hunter who expected to tour a palatial estate would be fooled for long by the description; the listing photos alone would instantly correct any such impression. “Estate condition” is simply real estate-ese for a residence which is in need of extensive renovation, as is sometimes the case when elderly homeowners have been content to reside in familiar (but now out of fashion) surroundings. To the next owners will fall the effort and expense of updating.

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The rise of e-commerce has created a raft of cultural shifts that are ongoing and profound—South Bethany, DE real estate is certainly one of them. One ripple effect may be expected from an industry that touches us all: the restaurants. It’s a ripple that’s just beginning to be felt in some areas—but may ultimately touch South Bethany, DE real estate. According to the Wall Street Journal, “as e-commerce expands into food delivery, new bets are being made on real estate.”

How so?

Traditionally, except in the most heavily-populated urban areas, regular restauranteurs have put little to no emphasis on food delivery. Although more common in Manhattan, Chicago or San Francisco, in most places, offering a delivery option was at best a financially break-even proposition. But e-commerce has begun to change that.

As mobile apps and one-click delivery options have skyrocketed in popularity, the revenue potential has become ever clearer. But more than that, now a growing number of restaurants are seeing a new possibility. Why pay for an expensive street-facing retail space in a trendy neighborhood if you could avoid it? Couldn’t you operate your kitchen from a less expensive warehouse district? In other words, if the demand is great enough, why not go all-delivery? The economies are undeniable—especially since it involves dispensing with the payrolls of greeters, servers, and a good deal of associated support staff.

The phenomenon has yet to displace restaurants in a major way—and it certainly will never compete with the entertainment value that an evening out at a fine restaurant will always provide. But just as e-commerce has turned the taxicab business upside down, it might not be surprising if the e-commercial revolution winds up allowing a significant number of restauranteurs to focus their efforts toward out-serving their loyal followers. The Journal even reports the advent of startup companies opening shared kitchen in industrial buildings devoted to “liberating” restaurants from their storefronts.

For local homeowners, the effect on their own South Bethany, DE real estate might not be affected by this particular cultural shift—except for the possibility of having a variety of delicious restaurant meals available at our doorstep for a reasonable price.

South Bethany, DE real estate is changing fast, too. I hope you’ll give me a call with any and all of your real estate queries! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at