Friday’s Bloomberg Wealth interview with “The World’s Most Successful Real Estate Investor” shed light on one notable insider’s current thinking—views that should engage anyone with an interest in North Bethany, DE real estate.

“Is now a good time to invest in real estate?” was the question for Jon Gray, President of Blackstone Group, probing whether buying a home today makes sense. Given a “pretty good” economy that will probably “head down at some point,” that could be a reasonable question. House hunters may be primarily focused on finding the North Bethany, DE home that’s right for their housing needs, but they are also quite aware that their choice will also serve as a repository of value. That makes the views of “the most successful real estate investor” worth a listen!

Gray’s response began by pointing to a couple of warning signs of a dangerously oversold market: “too much leverage” and “too much capital.” He brought them up because they aren’t present today—they’re two reasons why his answer boils down to this: it’s “a pretty good time” for real estate investments.

Gray is known for bold mega-moves (like buying the once-foundering Hilton Hotel, in large part due to its terrific real estate holdings). It was a well-publicized purchase that initially seemed to be risky but proved farsighted in the long run. That makes his response to the question “what’s the best investment advice you’ve ever received?” all the more interesting. His answer is to be a “high-conviction” investor—made possible by knowing and understanding the field. Gray offered his own list of the kind of areas that investors might delve into ‘when you see something’ that’s attractive. First on the list: “single-family housing”—for any number of reasons. That’s an opinion that was amplified in last week’s Mortgage Bankers Association post: “Yes, Real Estate Prices are Soaring and No, It’s Not a Bubble.

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Ocean View, DE dog lovers (some think of them as ‘owners’—but, depending on how protective the breed, it’s not entirely clear who owns whom) would likely place Ocean View, DE high on’s 2021 list of the most dog-friendly locales. For the record, Denver was rated #1, with Orlando and Anaheim close behind.

The subject of real estate and canines came up frequently on the weekend telecasts of dog showdom’s annual spectacular—the 145th annual Westminster Dog Show. ‘Wasabi’ the Pekingese’s victory was televised from a humongous tent in Tarrytown, NY, instead of its traditional Madison Square Garden setting. The venue change was prompted by the pandemic.

According to a Harris Poll, Westminster’s relocation was echoed by many a canine’s family, which has chosen to pick up stakes. The pollsters report that more than 1 in 10 Americans say they’ve moved in the past year in what Zillow calls “the Great Reshuffling.” makes the case that many pet parents chose destinations that will make their pets happy. Denver certainly fits the bill with its “plethora of parks, dog-friendly restaurants, and breweries.” Although they point to the city’s “specialty dog bakery” as the clincher, they undercount the actual achievement: Denver boasts three of them: Three Dog Bakery, Biscotti Hound Dog Bakery, and Two Pals and a Pup (which offers ‘pupcakes,’ ‘tummy yummy birthday bones,’ etc.).

Ocean View, DE may not be able to match Denver in the proliferation of doggy bakeshops, but local sellers whose properties boast features like invisible fences, pet doors, and proximity to parks are acknowledging one of the era’s noticeable trends: a growing appreciation for man’s best friend. As one March real estate survey reported, it’s a trend with measurable consequences. Last year, homes sold five days faster than expected “when the listing mentioned a fenced yard.”

Pet-friendly features are definitely worth noting, but lest the tail wags the dog, they are only one of many consequential factors. When it’s time to sell your own Ocean View, DE property, partnering with a knowledgeable Ocean View, DE Realtor® should come first. Call me anytime! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at

Regardless of folks’ wider views on climate change, there is universal agreement when it comes to one change in South Bethany, DE’s climate: it’s going to get hotter. It’s one climate change that happens every summer.

For the moment, the experts who monitor patterns of energy usage aren’t making predictions about whether this summer will see local energy prices rising or falling (the Department of Energy will only venture that “prices change rapidly”). But the DoE is more enlightening about the cost of cooling. It’s bound to add significantly to most South Bethany, DE homeowners’ utility bills. If prices do, in fact, “change rapidly” in the wrong direction, the DoE’s tips for simple ways to cut energy usage will be timely. Here are their Top Four:

Deal with the windows. When the temperature rises, everyone automatically ducks away from windows that catch direct sunlight. Choose window treatments and coverings that save on electricity by letting some natural light inside while dramatically cutting heat (and the energy it takes to combat it).

Deal with the thermostat. If your existing thermostat is an old-fashioned model that only allows a single setting, change out to a programmable one that lets you program warmer temperatures when no one is home. In any case, resist the temptation to set the temperature very low to cool things down rapidly—it doesn’t work any faster but can wind up cooling excessively.

Deal with the Fans. Ceiling fans create a “wind chill” effect that lets people feel cooler without affecting temperature—so turn them off when nobody’s going to be around to benefit. And when you shower or take a bath, do use fans that vent to the outside—they lower temperature and humidity throughout much of the house.

Deal with A/C. For window and split AC units, keep the intake filters clear throughout the summer. For central A/Cs, vacuum the intake grids—and keep lamps or TVs that generate heat well away from the thermostat to prevent the system from running longer than necessary.

When the summer heat starts to sizzle, cooler heads will prevail for South Bethany, DE homeowners who are on top of their home’s climate change preparedness. And when it’s time to sell, the lower utility costs you can point to make an operating budget point, too. Call me for more preparedness ideas. Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at