About this time every year, the question for house hunters is whether to delay their serious shopping until the anticipated springtime upsurge in Long Neck, DE  homes for sale. Almost every year, when the weather begins to warm, the springtime ‘For Sale’ signs blossom. One school of thought has it that the wider selection favors buyers—it means more sellers will compete for their attention. On the other hand, that also means more buyers will vie for the most compelling properties.

Of course, when to start serious prospecting may be more dependent on individual calendars that are dictated by outside factors—so there’s no set answer for everyone. But there are a few powerful arguments why for some, setting out on a serious house-hunting expedition at the beginning of the year can be a good strategy:

1.      Prices aren’t likely to decrease. Most authoritative commentators expect the opposite. If they are right, getting ahead of the crowd would be an economical choice.

2.      Mortgage rates are, well, you know! It may be possible that interest rates fall even further, but it’s a lead-pipe cinch that sooner or later they will return to the norm, triggering a substantial increase in the dollars that the bank collects every month.

3.      If you are renting now, you’re already paying for the equivalent of a mortgage. A healthy market dictates that Long Neck, DE  rental prices settle at levels that meet or exceed the landlord’s breakeven point—meaning they cover his or her maintenance and mortgage expenses. Every additional month you send a rent check results in losing the equity you would have begun to accumulate once you close on your own home.

There is a fourth reason—but it’s not nearly as persuasive as the previous three dollars-and-cents arguments:

4.      January is the month for starting fresh projects. Perhaps it’s just due to the turning of the page from the old year—but this does seem to be when energy abounds for striking out on important new initiatives. January is the month for momentum-busting.

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The season for New Years’ Resolutions is barely underway, but if history is any guide, many have already met their Waterloos. For future Lewes, DE homeowners resolved to make this the year they make the leap from renter to homeowner, there are some incremental moves that will make that leap less daunting. Here are three:   

1)      Starting now, keep monthly tabs on your credit profile. The three credit bureaus (Transunion, Equifax, and Experian) are required by law to provide your credit reports once every year. But due to COVID-19, right now (through April), the federally authorized annual credit reporting firm is offering free weekly online reports (but beware of sites that have similar URLs). If you find errors in your report (they are pretty common), the sooner you correct them, the better. Many credit card companies are now offering a “your credit score” perk that tracks your current score from one of the companies. It’s free, so after the April offer expires, you can a good habit to cultivate is checking your score every month.

2)      Open a separate “Down Payment” account at your bank—and schedule regular transfers into it from your checking account. Most of us have at least partially automated the household bill-paying, so adding the Down Payment account to the list of regular creditors with a “due date” that falls early in the month (and a payment amount that’s substantial but realistic) will make coming up with a down payment that much easier.

3)      Know what you’re spending—and decide what’s unnecessary. Owning a home means spending to maintain it—expenses renters largely avoid. But that’s not as burdensome as it sounds. Most Lewes, DE homeowners would agree that a side benefit of homeownership is that when you make purchases “for the house,” it feels like contributing to your own future—more like saving than spending. Non-homeowners can usually identify at least some habitual spending that’s really more to “feel good” than for a true necessity. Behavioral science has a name for it: “retail therapy.” Getting in the habit now of avoiding gratuitous spending sets up future homeowners for a more fulfilling “feel good” kind of spending.

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For homeowners weighing the pros and cons of adding their homes to the North Bethany, DE listings, the ‘pros’ are substantial. The steady national rise in home prices indicates a healthy market—one significant “pro.” The latest national existing-home sales price figures confirmed a median rise of 14.6% over the previous year—the 105th consecutive month of price gains across all regions.

Another one of the “pros” is a market where competition is relatively light—something that’s been the situation in America for some time. And when the scarcity of existing homes for sale is combined with what might be the strongest “pro”—bargain-basement home loan interest rates—the positives make a strong case for this being a favorable environment for joining the North Bethany, DE listings.

Even so, there is at least one countervailing “con.” The steady rise in home prices may be terrific for sellers, but it also has the effect of limiting the pool of qualified prospective buyers. But now, a federal agency has stepped in with an adjustment that could empower more buyers.

The action came from the Federal Housing Finance Agency via its annual “CLL” adjustment, which came at the stroke of midnight on December 31. The CLL is trade shorthand for the Conforming Loan Limit, the top-dollar amount allowed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to qualify as one of their “conforming” loans—those which the FHA will reinsure.  Home loans that conform are easier to get since the risk is backstopped by the government entities. As a result, they usually carry lower interest rates than non-conforming loans (the ‘jumbos’).

The CLL limits differ from one county to another, with high-cost areas pegged at higher levels than baseline regions. Since homeowners who add their properties to the North Bethany, DE listings may intend a move out of our area, the CLL in their future neighborhood could have financial repercussions that affect their decision. Here is a link that lists the new CLLs for each county in the 50 states and territories.

If you will be selling or buying (or both) in 2021, early planning paves the way to success—which means that now is a great time to give me a call! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit more listings at www.beachrealestatemarket.com